2 Smart Tips For Moving A Custom Furniture-Style Bird Cage

When relocating to a new home, the thought of moving furniture often brings to mind such items as a couch, bookcase or dresser. While moving these belongings are common practice, there are other furniture pieces that require a bit more consideration to transport. Those who house parrots in an indoor aviary (flight cage) or custom furniture-style cage often face unique concerns when moving it to a new location. For instance, wood-framed bird cages, often known as " Read More 

3 Tips To Keep Children Calm On Moving Day

Moving home is a stressful procedure and it's important that you have plans in place to reduce your level of anxiety on the big day. Unfortunately, if you have children at home, this can be easier said than done. Children can find moving home difficult, so try one of the ideas below to reduce their anxiety on moving day: Keep Them Away from the Home if Possible Kids can be excitable at the best of times, but when you add a house full of strangers and the anxiety of moving into the mix, they can become difficult to handle. Read More