Tips For Hiring Local Movers

When moving locally, many people choose the DIY approach. It's a lot easier to move your own things when you're moving 10 miles away as opposed to 10 hours away! However, if you decide the DIY approach is not for you, there are moving companies that offer local services. Here are some tips to hiring such a service.

1. Request an on-site estimate.

Since the moving company is local, they should be willing to drive out to your home and take a quick look around. This will enable them to give you a more accurate estimate than if you were to simply describe your possessions over the phone. Ideally, you would get on-site estimates from three different moving companies and then compare them. You don't necessarily want to hire the cheapest one, but rather, the one that offers the best value in terms of scheduling, efficiency, and good service.

2. Look for a company that charges by the hour.

When you're moving far away, you don't want your movers to charge by the hour, since anything from a traffic jam to road construction could lead to delays and higher fees. But when you're moving locally, the chances of a substantial delay are much less. The most affordable movers are usually those that charge by the hour. If you hire a moving company that charges by the day, then you'll have to pay for the whole day even if your move only takes then 5 hours — which is likely.

3. Prepare your home and items for the movers' arrival.

Some people figure that since they're only moving locally, they can just let the movers handle everything. Most movers will if you ask them to. However, you can save a lot of money by just taking an hour or two to prepare for the movers' arrival. Clear the pathways in and out of your home. Find a friend to watch your pets or kids so they do not get underfoot while the movers are working. Pack your valuables, and move those yourself. A little prep goes a long way.

4. Hire a larger team over a smaller one.

When choosing between moving teams, it is usually better to hire a moving company that will send four or five people than a company that will only send 2. The movers will work faster, and they'll have an easier time with large furniture. 

Hopefully these tips for hiring local movers serve you well. Enjoy your new home!