Residential Moving: 3 Things You Shouldn’t Pack In A Box When Moving

When the time to move house comes, packing is among the first things you do to make moving easier. However, most people don't know how to pack their things properly. Others don't even know what they should pack in a box and what they shouldn't. It's wrong to assume you can pack everything in a box. So if you want to pack your things to make residential moving easier, it's good to know what you shouldn't pack in those boxes. Some items require special handling or packing to avoid problems. See what you shouldn't pack in a box when moving house.

Drinks and Food

It's sometimes tempting to carry everything on the pantry shelf when moving. This means you may want to pack all the stuff into a box and assume you are good to go. If you have perishable items in your kitchen, you should consider a much safer option for them. Of course, moving these items to your new home could help you save some money because you won't spend money on new ones. However, carrying perishables in a box can be very messy because some could break or leak. If you must carry them, ensure you use a cooler of even quality cold bags. In fact, it's not even advisable to pack dry foods and sealed drink cans in a box because they could break on the way.

Irreplaceable and Valuable Items

As you pack your things, you should avoid packing the irreplaceable and valuable ones in the boxes. Even if you have someone to help you pack, they shouldn't pack everything for you. In fact, you should pack the most valuable ones yourself, mainly if they are irreplaceable. The unexpected could happen, and you could lose some valuable items. It's, therefore, important to find a safer place for items like the will, car keys, and deeds. Other valuable things you should pack a bit more safely include car titles, social security cards, medical records, sensitive financial records, special antiques and jewelry, birth certificates, tablets, moving paperwork, laptops, and cash.

Flammable Items and Liquids

When moving, you should also avoid packing flammable liquids and other materials in a box. These items are usually hazardous. Actually, you could easily experience combustion when the temperature increases. So, it's advisable to pack items like gasoline, acid, matches, and aerosols differently. You should also avoid packing propane, insecticides, kerosene, charcoal, fertilizer, nail polish, pool maintenance chemicals, paint, and car batteries in a box. 

And since it's easier to make serious mistakes when packing yourself, you should hire residential moving experts to help you. They know how these valuables should be packed, and they can even help you get special packing materials for them to avoid problems.

Contact a professional if you have questions about residential moving