Plan To Relocate Your Business? How Plastic Storage Containers Can Help

While relocating your business can be an exciting time to reach new customers and expand your office space, there are many considerations to make. Figuring out how to move, store, and protect your inventory is important. Investing in stackable plastic storage containers can be a huge benefit. Here are just a few ways these kinds of containers can help. 

They Protect Delicate Items

You don't want to put documents or customers' sensitive data in cardboard boxes — especially if these boxes are going into storage for some time. Cardboard isn't as sturdy as a plastic container and can gather moisture and mildew. Cardboard boxes are also easier for pests to break into. If you need to stack boxes with delicate items, you'll want sturdy containers that are meant to stack neatly instead of trying to balance cardboard ones on top of one another.

They Streamline Document Scanning and OCR

More and more businesses are moving their documents online since it's greener and safer (physical documents can be stolen or damaged). In order to put these documents online, many businesses ship their documents to companies that specialize in document scanning, since these places can use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to make images of text searchable.

However, when you are relocating your business, you don't want to have to drag all of your documents to your new office if these papers are going to be put online first. Many document scanning companies charge by the box or by weight, so you can organize documents that need to be scanned and ship them to the document scanning companies in plastic storage containers.

They Make it Easier to Move Inventory with Continued Growth

You may be relocating because you need more office space. But even if you gain more space, you may eventually need to move things around because of new hires and other factors. Constantly repacking and unpacking inventory is a waste of time and space. If you have inventory cataloged in plastic bins, your business will be that much more organized and ready to move things around at a moment's notice. And since these boxes are made of plastic, you can get transparent containers, so it is easier to find what you're looking for without opening up random boxes.

They Save Money on Moving Costs

While movers can certainly help you pack up your business, you'll save some money on labor if you pack the inventory yourself. And since these plastic containers usually have long warranties, you'll be able to reuse these boxes over and over for any other moves instead of paying a company for tape, boxes, and other packaging materials.

Contact a moving and storage company in your area for more information on stackable plastic containers.