Pack Inventory and Equipment in Your Bookstore and Cafe Before Moving Everything to a Larger Facility

If you own a bookstore and cafe and have recently purchased a larger facility to move your business into, the following tips will assist with packing inventory and equipment that is inside the current location. As a result of your efforts, items will remain organized and damage-free while being transported by a moving service to the new facility.

Store Books Inside Of Waterproof Containers

Purchase large waterproof containers that have matching lids and place the containers on the flooring that is adjacent to the bookshelves. Place a layer of bubble wrap in the bottom of each container before stacking books on top of the cushioning. Empty one shelf at a time while filling the containers so that all of the books remain categorized while in transit.

Keep track of the number of books and titles that are placed in containers and write this information on large adhesive labels. Affix one label to the lid of each container. Before securing the lids, add a layer of bubble wrap to the top, interior portion of each container so that books don't shift while the containers are being lifted. 

Prepare Shelving Units

After shelving units have been emptied, apply a cleaning agent to a lint-free cloth and move the cloth over the surface of each shelf to eliminate dust and stains. Dry the shelves with a clean cloth. Use wide strips of packing tape to secure large pieces of foam cushioning around the corners of the shelving units.

The cushioning will prevent damage to the corners of the units if they accidentally brush against a hard object while they are being moved. Drape a large tarp over each shelving unit so that the units won't be at risk of getting wet if they are moved on a day that it is raining.

Cover Equipment and Place Accessories Inside of Divided Bins

Clean equipment and materials that are needed to operate your business, including cash registers, chairs, desks, and coffee makers. Place the items on large carts before laying a tarp over the items on each cart. Use thick pieces of rope to secure the tarps to the carts. Place small items, including cups, coffee, and sugar inside of bins that have built-in dividers. Pour packing peanuts inside of the bins to fill empty space before securing a lid to the top of each bin. Write a list of the items that are stored inside of the storage containers and the quantity of each one.