Moving into a Walkup Apartment: A Guide

Moving always presents a number of challenges, but moving into a walkup apartment (an upstairs apartment with no elevator access) presents its own array of difficulties. To make sure the process doesn't cause too many headaches, follow these tips.

Measure everything first.

Before moving day comes, visit the new place and measure every doorway you'll have to go through when moving things up the stairs and into the apartment. Also measure the stairway. Go back home and measure all of your larger furniture. Make sure the furniture is at least a couple of inches more narrow than the smallest doorway. Otherwise, you may not be able to squeeze the furniture through. Sell the furniture that's too large and put the money towards buying new, smaller replacements that will fit in the new place. If possible, arrange to have any new furnishings delivered after you move into the new apartment so that the furniture company, not you, is responsible for getting the pieces upstairs.

Pack lightweight boxes.

Just because you can carry a heavy box up the stairs does not mean you'll feel like doing so after a day of packing and moving. Choose smaller boxes and pack them lightly so you don't become so fatigued when unpacking and carrying things up stairs. Try to distribute heavy items between several boxes instead of cramming them all into one. For example, put half your books in each of two boxes and fill the rest of those boxes with linens rather than packing one box of books and one box of linens.

Wear the right shoes.

It's easy to slip on stairs when you're holding one end of a couch. So, wear non-slip sneakers with plenty of grip to reduce your chances of injuries. Make sure anyone who is helping you move knows that the apartment is a walkup so they can dress accordingly too.

Get rid of extras before the move.

The less you own, the fewer trips you'll have to make up those stairs. Now is the perfect time to sort through all of your possessions and get rid of those clothes from high school and the books you're never going to read. Donate items that are in good condition and throw away things that are ruined or useless.

Moving into a walkup is going to take some physical effort, but things won't be so bad if you take the time to prepare. Ask plenty of people to help, and the day will pass quickly.

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