3 Tips To Keep Children Calm On Moving Day

Moving home is a stressful procedure and it's important that you have plans in place to reduce your level of anxiety on the big day. Unfortunately, if you have children at home, this can be easier said than done. Children can find moving home difficult, so try one of the ideas below to reduce their anxiety on moving day:

Keep Them Away from the Home if Possible

Kids can be excitable at the best of times, but when you add a house full of strangers and the anxiety of moving into the mix, they can become difficult to handle. This is, of course, understandable. Children become attached to their childhood home and the thought of moving neighborhoods can cause them to become both excited and nervous. However, if you want moving day to go as smoothly as possible, you really don't want excitable children getting in the way.

The safest way of keeping children from getting in the way is to remove them from the situation. If you have relatives or trusted friends that live nearby, try and find a childminder for the day. Not only will this allow you to get on with moving home, but it will give them a sense of familiarity that will help them remain calm during the moving process.

Get Them Involved in the Moving Process

If your children are old enough to help out and you can't get a childminder for the day, your next best option is to get them involved in the moving process. Children love helping their parents out, and whilst they can often get in the way of your plans, they will be keen to help out where possible. Not only will this help keep their erratic behaviour at bay, but it might take a little load off of your shoulders too!

When assigning tasks for your children to carry out, it's best to make the tasks as excitable as possible. If you make it out to be a game, or some kind of challenge, they will be more enthusiastic in carrying the task out. For example, if you ask them to pack away their stuff, you could challenge them to a race to see who can pack the most boxes quickest. By framing it in a game-like manner, they will remain engaged throughout the day and won't see moving day as an arduous task.

Let Them Say Their Goodbyes

Moving day can be difficult on young children, particularly if they have spent their entire childhood to date in the same home. Therefore, it's understandable that they may become a little emotional about relocating and leaving their friends behind. Try not to become stressed out by this – your emotional state has a huge impact on your child's frame of mind, and becoming stressed will only make the situation more difficult.

Before moving day, make sure you let your child say goodbye to all of their friends. Take them on a walk around the neighborhood and let them say goodbye to all of their favourite people and places. You may want to do this on the day before the move, or on the morning of the move itself. By letting them say their goodbyes in person, you reduce the chance of them becoming upset or anxious on moving

Regardless of which method you choose, your children are likely going to need a lot of attention during the moving process. To stop this from stressing you out, consider using a professional moving company to take care of the logistics on your behalf. Hiring an experienced moving company will allow you to relax on moving day and take care of what really matters – your children.  For more information, go to websites that focus on moving and storage.